The Slowest-Depreciating Electric Cars

The Slowest-Depreciating Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, and as their popularity grows, so does the demand for used electric cars. This is good news for buyers, as it means that there are now a number of affordable used electric cars on the market.

But how much value do electric cars retain after three years? According to a new report from CAP, the slowest-depreciating electric cars after three years are:

  1. BMW i3: The i3 retained the most value after three years, at 70.9%. This is thanks to its unique design, innovative engineering, and long-range battery.
    BMW i3 electric car
  2. Volkswagen e-Golf: The e-Golf is just as practical and useable as diesel and petrol cars, which means it retained 67.2% of its original value after three years.
    Volkswagen e-Golf electric car
  3. Tesla Model X: The Model X SUV held onto 64.6% of its original value, which was no surprise considering Tesla's popularity.
    Tesla Model X electric car
  4. Nissan Leaf: As Europe's best-selling electric car, the Leaf retained 64.5% of its value at 36 months old.
    Nissan Leaf electric car
  5. Hyundai Ioniq EV: The least expensive EV on sale, Hyundai's Ioniq Electric retained 61.7% of its value after three years.
    Hyundai Ioniq EV electric car

The report also found that electric car values appear to drop at a slower rate than conventional petrol and diesel models. This is likely due to a number of factors, including the increasing demand for used electric cars, the relatively low depreciation of electric car batteries, and the fact that electric cars are often seen as more environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel cars.

If you're considering buying a used electric car, the cars listed above are all good options. They all have good residual values, so you can be confident that you'll be able to sell them for a good price in a few years' time.


If you're looking for a car that will hold its value well, an electric car is a good option. The cars listed above are all good examples of electric cars that have good residual values. So, if you're thinking about buying a used electric car, be sure to check out these models.

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